When we see you

We are protected

By a bird and an angel, a lion and a bull


To be whole, to be complete, to be realised

A woman hovers in a bounded blue garland. One foot raised and crossed behind the other, she holds a cup and wand in her hands, as a cloth floats across her body.

If the Fools journey begins with a step into the unknown, It finishes at The World. The final card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot .

When we speak of The World, we usually speak of the Earth, our planet, with its landscapes, ecology, countries, atmosphere, wildlife, and people.

The World is where we live; it contains and sustains our existence.

To speak of someone or something’s ‘World’ is to speak of that which holds all that there is to say about them.

Our World defines us.

It is something all-encompassing, a holder of diversity, and a finality.

Why does Fool end their journey here at The World? What does the floating woman encased in a blue garland have to tell us?


‘Le Monde II’ by Jack O’Flynn and Lisa Rytterund, pencil on glazed ceramic cards, 2022.


In her hands she holds a wand and cup. A wand is for creating and moving out into the world, a cup receives and holds, bonds, and pours.

Life is a continual process of outward to inward,

expansion to retraction, inhale to exhale.

To hold these energies seems to say:

You hold the forces of life in your hand,

you are a self-creating force.

a self-sustaining vessel.


She stands freely, proudly, and calmly. This calm stance has been earned, through the trials of becoming, loss, renewal, and emptying.

When we reach the World, we may stand, softly, yet firmly in our place. 

When you arrive at your place, your World; there is an ease, a softening into the body.

To stand freely, with softness and security,  you have to trust in the safety of your place in the World. To be safe, valued, and protected, we must feel of Worth.

Worth, could be considered one of the final destinations of our journey through these cards. How to find it, how to believe it, and how to sustain it.


Worthy of attention, Worthy of protection 

The World says we are Worthy, because we are it and we are here.


‘Le Monde III’ by Jack O’Flynn and Lisa Rytterund, pencil on glazed ceramic cards, 2022.


Standing freely in a container of garlanded leaves, they are enmeshed and flowing, pulsing with energy. They create an orb of serenity and clarity. This portal is bound tightly, it is safe and solid and forms an opening in the middle of the card. 

Worth when discovered, binds us, and keeps us safe, allowing us to venture into new realms, secure within our orb of Worth. 

An angel, a bull, a bird, and a lion secure in place the garland which protects the woman. They are elemental guardians, supporting and holding the World together, above and below.

This is a harmonious structure, each element has its place, protecting the floating egg.

She is naked, but for a cloth floating over her body. She does not fear being seen, but rather in the last analysis there is always something that can’t be fully revealed; creation and the self is, a mystery.

The cloth of protection hangs gently, suspended in a perfect moment. Her foot grasps the floor and she holds all that she needs to. 

The gentle draping of the cloth reminds us that life is fleeting; it will pass in a moment, this cloth of life needs to be felt, and cared for, for it is all that we have. 

The World, caught in a tender orb,

hangs in the balance. 

It is precious, and must be protected.




Artwork for this post was created by Jack O’Flynn and collaborator Lisa Rytterlund in Bergen, Norway.

Lisa Rytterlund is a Swedish artist currently based in Bergen, Norway. Primarily working with clay and ceramic processes, they currently create work that explores self-portraiture along with mythical and religious symbolism, through an often playful approach and humourous lense.

Find Lisa’s work here https://www.instagram.com/rytterlund/

Jack O’Flynn 2022